I've moved!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hurrah! It's always exciting (and a little bit confusing) when moving to a new home. I guess Blogger doesn't really "inspire" me to blog anymore. Hindi ko na nafefeel yung diving powers pag nagbblog ako sa Blogger.

So, goodbye Blogger blog! I hope we meet again soon!

And to all of you readers (yes, all 3 of you!), go HERE and hurry! Limited slots available!

Mag comment pa rin kayo sa Wordpress, okay? YAY! Kahit hindi na kasing dali ng tagboard. Haha. Better din to para hindi nawawala mga messages nyo, and nagegets ko kung ano pinag uusapan nyo kasi kung tagboard parang naliligaw ung mga messages at hindi ko alam kung aling part ng blog ko yung pinag uusapan nyo.

I'll miss you, Blogger. It's just time to say goodbye.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas!!!

Well, not yet, but it will in only 2 or so hours!


Christmas has always been my favorite holiday because it's just so happy and festive. (Well, actually, ano pa ba meron? Araw ng Kagitingan?)

But anyway, tonight I made Banoffee Pie for our family Christmas Eve dinner. Masarap naman, masyado raw matamis. And I fail at making whipped cream. Hindi ba iwhi-whip lang yung cream??? I whipped it! I did! Pero hindi naging whipped cream. Sad.

Here's Choco (my cute little pet from the Pet Society app on Facebook) to greet you a Merry Christmas! :D

Merry Christmas!

Movie Time

I watched Music and Lyrics today. I loved it. It's a very different romantic comedy, for me at least. And I just love Hugh Grant, even though he's old, mostly because of his British accent and his humor. He is so funny! And in this video! I love this song, probably more than Way Back into Love (though I love that song a lot too).

I also watched Superman Returns. I didn't enjoy it very much. It's strange but movies based on DC Comics characters are usually not as fun as that of Marvel Comics (Superman Returns, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, vs Spiderman and Iron Man? Spiderman was really entertaining and so was Iron Man. And X-Men, too!) What a superhero movie really needs is some humor. No wonder Batman is so gruff all the time.

Video Dump Part 2

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh hey it's that dude in Kill Bill... haha XD I find this video funny. I like the song and all, and I don't hate the Jonas brothers, I think they're fine. But the video is really funny. :)

Demi Lovato. I think she's actually pretty in this vid. And the song's nice. I haven't seen Camp Rock but from the previews, I think she didn't look as nice in that movie as she does in this video. But, that's, you know, just me. :)

Give me Super Junior over the Jonas Brothers any day. I mean, look at them. They're so adorable!!! :D This is new, I didn't even know there was another subgroup, but hey, there are 13 of them, how can they have no subgroups? And it's YeSung! It's great to see him because he is probably the least visible member of the group, so it's nice that he's part of this subgroup, and that he's looking great with that hair. :) Scratch that, I love all of their new hairstyles. :) Except SungMin because he's not as cute anymore, but ... okay, I'll shut up.

LEETEUK'S HAIRRRRRRRRRRR! (Both the little ponytail and the shaggy bum look XD)

And since, it's all been just music videos, I'm giving you a cute baby video that's SUUUUUUPER adorable. XD


All right, all right, I'm writing, okay?

No, not okay. Because I'm sure you're just going to stop writing all of a sudden. Right NOW.

Oh. Whoops. I just did. Haha.

So I'm talking to myself. No big deal. Nothing wrong with talking to myself. I bet loads of people do it. Certainly not just me.

Because, you know, I'm not some weird lunatic. Nope. Not at all.

Of course, crazy people never really admit that they're nuts.

What if I am insane? That would be totally horrible. Can you just imagine what would happen if that was true? My mom would cry her eyes out, wondering how she failed as a mother. My dad, on the other hand, would be in total denial. I can hear him, "NO! My daughter is not insane! How dare you insinuate anything so terrible???" And my sister would be like, "Oh cool. My sister's nuts. Now I have the entire room to myself."

No, I don't think my sister's that evil. Maybe now, but not when I'm actually, truly insane. If it ever reaches that point, I think my sister will look at me with sad eyes, shake her head and say, "It's such a pity."


Now, you know. I just realized that I actually AM writing. A lot of blathering nonsense, sure, but I still am writing! Isn't that just totally awesome? IT IS!

I think.

But all this writing doesn't mean anything. And I'm not going to be a #1 New York Times Bestselling author if I continue writing useless things without a clearly set goal in front of me. Well, being a #1 New York Times Bestselling author is probably the clearest a goal can get, but you know, writing like this won't catapult me to that list even if I do it for 24 hours straight.

Will it?

I mean, it's just been 9 minutes or so and I have 310 words so far.

Isn't that just beautiful?

Anyway. I'm tired. Bye now.

*This is only slightly autobiographical and is not really an actual true-to-life blog post. (After all, I highly doubt my mom or my dad or my sister would actually do those things.) I was just bored and I decided to try out this cool thingy called "Write or Die" where I'm forced to write, and if I don't write, I could actually have bits of the stuff I write unwrite itself. It's so sad that I have to resort to such measures to be inspired to write, but it's actually effective because my 10-minute time limit is already up since a few minutes ago, yet I'm still writing like there's no tomorrow. This is probably the first time I write at breakneck speed (not that any necks will be broken) and I can't say I dislike this. I'll probably be back tomorrow. :)

473 words!

Video dump!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Well, you probably have heard this already, but today (I think) George Bush got a pair of shoes thrown at him. But he ducked. Buti na lang. If it was I, I'd get hit, twice. Haha. :D

And a few months ago, Grace Christian High School College's gym burnt down and a college friend of mine who lives across GCC took a video of it. Grabe boredom ng mga tao haha. It's not a particularly interesting video, but what's funny is the circumstances in which it was taken.

Well, video "dump" dapat ito, kaso lang I still have to study and stuff. So, next time na lang HAHA XD

Yay! Only 10 days till Christmas!

I can't wait... I'll be hopping down to the mini school fair on Saturday. Anybody else going? (Except Candice, haha, todo support sa kapatid ah! :D)

Pero, bago magfair, I have to suffer muna, tomorrow, during which I have:

  1. Theo consultation
  2. Spanish evaluation test
  3. Accounting long exam
Fun huh? But at least, after tomorrow, I'm freeeee! Hurrah!

Haha XD

Anyway. My dearest neighbor Gilbert made this video... super amazing! He drew each slide manually, and the whole vid contains about 87 pictures for 34 seconds.... Galing! (And bored, haha.)

Hurray for Gilbert! :)

sabi kasi ni bernadee na gusto nya ung beef ramen ng sumo boyz

Sunday, November 23, 2008

kaya gagawa rin ako ng list ng mga favorite foods ko sa ateneo :D (nainggit ako eh hahaha)

  1. Sisig Rice (Bento)
  2. Thai Bagoong Rice (Bento)
  3. Shepherd's Pie (Bento) (This isn't even really pie, just beef and mashed potatoes)
  4. Turon (AMPC)
  5. Avocado Shake (AMPC) (The other flavors are okay too, but avocado is the best for me!)
  6. Cheeseburger (AMPC) (With or without bacon. Depende kung nagtitipid ka :D)
  7. Hotdog Sandwich (AMPC) (Extra mustard, mayo and ketchup!)
  8. Yema (AMPC) (Ultimate baon sa accounting! Haha!)
  9. Blueberry Brownie (AMPC) (Hindi ko na ito nakikita, though)
  10. Italian Meat Sauce Pasta (Healthy Kitchen) (Ok din naman yung ibang sauces :D)
  11. Fish Fillet Meal with Honey Mustard Sauce (Healthy Kitchen) (Honey mustard lang talaga ito, I have never tried the other sauces and I don't think I will. If you don't feel like having fish, pwede ka rin mag chicken strips)
  12. Chicken Wrap (Healthy Kitchen) (Pag nagddiet pero hindi nagtitipid)
  13. Chicken Kebab (Athena's Kitchen) (Buttered rice! Yummy!)
  14. Shawarma Rice (Athena's Kitchen)
  15. Belgian Chocolate Waffle (Waffle Time) (I've never tried sa ibang branch, pero the best cya pag bagong luto. And the ate there is nice haha)
  16. German Cheese Franks Waffle (Waffle Time) (Kapag tagtipid na!)
  17. Chocnut Waffle (Waffle Time) (Hindi ko na rin ito nakikita)
  18. Siomai Rice (Dimsum and Dumplings) (With extra toyo, chili, and kalamansi!)
Caf Up...
  1. Spareribs Rice (Cantonese Dimsum House?) (Yummy!)
  2. London Fog Milk Tea (Bobaloca)
  3. Jasmine Milk Tea (Bobaloca) (I like these two flavors better than others because the fruit flavored ones cover up the taste of the tea and the milk and it ends up tasting like ordinary juice)
  4. Tapa Rice (Rodic's) (Classic breakfast dish, with egg! And don't forget the vinegar!)
  5. Revel Bar, Cookies (Bread Monster) (Although since nagmahal sila last sem, di na ako bumibili masyado... wala nang budget eh!)
SOM Mall
  1. Chicken Nuggets Meal (Chinky Chicken) (cheap and delicious!)
  2. Grilled Chicken Meal (Chinky Chicken) (Hindi pa rin ako nagsasawa dito!)
  3. Hainanese Chicken Rice (Buddha Bean Coffee?) (Pag tinamad na ako sa grilled chicken ng chinky chicken)
  4. Milk Tea (Buddha Bean Coffee?) (Lipton lang daw, pero who cares, masarap naman!)
  5. Chilled Taho (Buddha Bean Coffee?) (Best dessert! Pero nakakasawa pag araw araw)
  6. Any pasta (Blue Aquila) (Konti lang bumibili dito pero masarap cya!)
  7. Saba/Mais con Hielo (Pinoy Bora Burger) (Nakakainggit kasi ung mga taong dumadaan haha)
And of course, Manang's
  1. Grilled liempo (Manang's) (Pag hindi mo pa natry to, hindi ka Atenista! haha!)
Yay! Haha, these are the foods I eat most often, pero since, at the start of my life in Ateneo, sabi ko sa sarili ko, I shall try all the foods in the cafeteria! Kaya, I'm exploring all the other foods kahit di ko masyadong gusto. By the time, I graduate, dapat natry ko na lahat! :D

What have I been up to for the past few days?

  1. Pet Society on Facebook. It's the most addicting thing ever!
  2. Watchmen the graphic novel, lent to me by super Danica! :D Thank you, Danica! It's a great book. :) There's a movie coming up, too, so it's just in time. :)
Ano pa ba? Wala na! I wasted my time with that game on Facebook! Haha... nagsisink in na ung loserness ko haha XD


Monday, November 17, 2008

I can't believe it took me this long to have seen it but I just visited Chris Tiu's Blog and wala. Haha. Natawa lang ako kasi ang funny ng blog nya. Not that it's intentionally funny or anything, pero pinromote nya sarili nya sa Kid's Choice Awards (vote for him daw! HAHA) You can vote infinite times, as far as I know (which is not far, seeing as I only voted twice. TWICE LANG, OKAY???)

Ang laaaaaaame HAHA (I mean, of course, ako ung lame, not the golden boy)

May picture pa cya of himself sa Great Wall of China, tapos magazine picture of the entire basketball team in suits. How often do you see that? Cyempre, wala nman akong kilala sa team other than Chris Tiu so hinanap ko pa talaga cya. And, yes, he does look good in a suit. (Blurry din yung pic eh, but you know, blurry Chris Tiu is better than no Chris Tiu)

Huy, mag obsess din kayo hahahahaha XD It's HEALTHY, okay?